Terms & Conditions for receiving a £75 Gift Voucher for recommending a Tenant to our Free Property Search Service

In order for us to conduct the search the potential Tenant must be looking with the following criteria:

1 bedroom £450 per week plus

2 bedrooms £500 per week plus

3 bedrooms £650 per week plus

4 bedrooms £900 per week plus

5 bedrooms and more £1200 per week plus

We can search across London but in the event that the budget is not appropriate to the areas requested we shall be unable to carry out the search.

The voucher will be due and sent to you once the Tenant has moved in and we have been paid on the deal ourselves.

If we already have the Tenant registered this offer does not apply.

We shall use our best endeavours to obtain the voucher of your choice (M&S, Selfridges or Amazon), but in the event that this is not possible we shall send you an Amazon voucher.

Please contact : Amanda S Mitchell MARLA MNAEA, Principal

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7372 7272 : Email: amanda@abprop.co.uk