Jul 28, 2015

Mix it up

It’s a familiar scenario: you are home late from work and want a delicious evening meal but if you start cooking now it will 11 o’clock before you sit down to eat. Before you reach for an uninspiring ready meal or dial a takeaway,  consider the Thermomix, a pre-programmable kitchen gadget that cooks restaurant-quality food in record time. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t and Susan Krantz, an independent Thermomix advisor, tells us why

Thermomix is a computer-controlled food processor that weighs, chops, cooks, steams, kneads and even cleans itself. My niece received one as a wedding present five years ago. She loved it so much that when the new digital version came out last year she got that too. When I first saw it, it seemed incredible to me that one appliance could be so versatile.


I love the easy-to-follow recipes in the book and digital chip that come with it. I’m not the world’s greatest cook, nor am I very inventive when it comes to cooking so I can’t believe that I can produce such professional-style food so easily. My favourite is the raw beetroot, apple and pomegranate salad that a friend made last weekend, in just four seconds I might add.


Thermomix is loved by time-poor foodies. So while there are recipes developed by chefs especially for it, there are also plenty of recipes that owners have posted online. I’m in awe of how creative and passionate owners are adapting the recipes.. Just to add to that,  the Thermomix is so powerful, you’ll need to remember to reduce the usual mixing or chopping time.


It helps you eat healthily. Because you can easily make meals from scratch you know exactly what has gone into your food. One of the main reasons it appealed to me (apart from its self-wash function) was because I have a number of food allergies including gluten and dairy,  I was desperate to make my own gluten-free bread and cakes as I struggled to find shop-bought ones I liked and that weren’t full of sugar. There’s a huge resource of delicious ‘free from’ recipes and I’m just about to try one for courgette and pumpkin seed rolls.


The colour, touch-screen display and control dial means it’s user-friendly to programme. You can also use more than one function at the same time, for example while you’re cooking soup or rice in the bowl, you can use that heat to steam vegetables and meat or fish in another compartment.


It means you can get rid of so much clutter. I don’t need so many pots, pans and gadgets as I did before. Plus it has twelve functions including: chopping, mixing, cooking, emulsifying, whisking, weighing, steaming, blending, grinding, kneading and have I mentioned that it self-washes? I can’t say enough good things about it. I honestly don’t know how anyone cooks without one.


Don’t just take my word for it, see what other owners are saying online at http://thermomix.vorwerk.co.uk/ and read the FT’s review Howtospendit.ft.com If you’d like to see for yourself, then arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration with me at susiethermie@yahoo.co.uk.

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