Amanda S Mitchell   MARLA

Demon property finder, Amanda Mitchell, has worked in the business for over 25 years.  In 2003, she set up Absolute Property, a highly personalised London property company specialising in the letting and property search of high-end rental properties in prime areas.

Amanda subsequently expanded her business to include a property search service for buyers and a property sales service.  She’s found homes up to the value of £17 Million.  Her astuteness in matching people with properties has generated enormous trust; one client recently bought a home purely on Amanda’s recommendation seeing it for the first time after completion. Many of the properties she acquires are bought discreetly and never come onto the open market.

Buyers, tenants, landlords and sellers return to her again and again to take on their property problems; the tougher the challenge the more enthusiastically and tenaciously she pursues the solution.  Persistence, integrity and an ability to connect with people are the keys to Amanda’s success.

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Absolute Property also provide interior design services