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We have a long track-record of finding individuals, families and corporate clients the perfect property to rent.

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Our FREE London lettings property service has been growing steadily since 2003. We’ve spent the intervening years increasing our knowledge of all our specialist areas, and developing relationships with trusted landlords and estate agents. Our contacts rely on us to find them reliable tenants, so we often know about rental properties before they are on the market.  We also work with estate agents in your chosen area.

We have an 85% success rate for first viewing

Before we show you a single property, we’ll ask for details about the type of property you’d like to find. If you are unfamiliar with certain areas, we will talk you through relevant information such as local amenities, good schools and transport links.

It’s by asking questions about what you want, and really listening to the answers, that we’ve reached an impressive 85% success rate on first viewing tours. If you’re one of the 15%, don’t worry. We’ll redouble our efforts to fulfil your brief.

When we have a shortlist of suitable properties, we’ll arrange a property tour; collecting you from a mutually convenient location and   accompanying you.

Once we’ve found your ideal rental property, we will negotiate the terms of your tenancy.  We will also help you through the reference process, including helping with paperwork and verifying fees that other agents may ask you to pay.

What our clients say

“Amanda at Absolute made our search for a rental property efficient, enjoyable and ultimately (and most importantly) successful. She listened closely to what we wanted and tracked down anything suitable. We were surprised by her expertise and how she suggested areas and properties that may not have been obvious to us, but had the potential to meet our requirements. Her patience and knowledgeable assistance mean we wouldn't search with anyone else, and we sincerely recommend her services to everyone.”